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What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a new word, a new environmental science, a new way of life. Permanent agriculture is a science of sustainability. This is a requisite for a permanent culture - for the maintenance of the body politic. Permaculture is a system of environmental design which applies sound ecological principles to life in all bio-regions, from the urban to the wild, from the material to the invisible, to benefit life in all its forms. The complex patterns of life found nature form the matrix from which the Permaculturalist designs stable productive systems to provide for all our needs, harmoniously integrating the land and the people. A true Permaculture practitioner lives in cooperation with nature.
This new science has generated a rapidly growing global grassroots movement toward a sustainable world culture. Thousands of Permaculture practitioners, designers, and teachers are working worldwide.
Who is Bill Mollison?
Bill Mollison founded and developed the Permaculture concept. He was born in a remote fishing village in Tasmania. From childhood he developed survival skills in the wildest of lands and at sea. He has been passionately devoted to the study of Earth care: first as a scientist, naturalist, and university professor, then as a vigorous campaigner against environmental and social exploitation. He developed the science of Permaculture as a proactive means to restore nature's balance. In his extensive travels he has witnessed the devastating results of environmental degradation and has implemented solutions for people and the land wherever possible. His life has been devoted to successfully building a worldwide permaculture movement from back porch to bio-region.

Bill Mollison