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Home on Earth is a planned television series: part documentary, part "how-to" and part an inspiring dream of the future. Home On Earth will showcase a positive vision of how we could be living now, and in the new millennium, by focusing on dynamic, thoughtful visionaries committed to changing their small corner of the planet... and by example, the world.
A serious examination of how human habitation affects our planetary home, the Home on Earth television series will profile contemporary practitioners of natural building and renewable energy technologies, as well as sustainable food production, environmental restoration and ecologically-based human communities. Individuals, families and communities can, with practical steps identified, take action to improve their living situations. By focusing on solutions - from traditional building methods to emerging technologies, urban permaculture to ecovillages - Home on Earth will empower audiences to create homes and communities that are beautiful, healthy, comfortable, affordable and which preserve resources for future generations.
"Crisis" in Chinese script is represented by two characters: one means "danger," and the other means "opportunity." There is certainly the danger that we'll keep consuming blindly to extinction... but the opportunity on the horizon is that as we take steps toward a healthier environment, our lives and communities will improve along the way. NetWorks' vision is that Home On Earth will inspire viewers to take time from their busy lives to reinvent their future, by leading them step-by-step into a hopeful, attainable and sustainable vision of that future.
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The first episode of the Home On Earth series:
The Straw Bale Solution
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